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June 23 2017

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" - A skad pan wie, czy ktos kocha czy nie? Po czym to poznaje? - Po deszczu. Jezeli sie budze i pada deszcz, a ja mowie: 'Nic to, ze pada' - to znaczy, ze jestem zakochany." 
~ Jaroslaw Borszewicz
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ten rodzaj spontaniczności.

June 22 2017

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Finckenstein Palace in Kamieniec, Poland, burned by the Red Army as they advanced on Germany in 1945.

June 21 2017

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Victorian Cliff House, San Francisco

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1930/06/29 Sławomir Mrożek, Polish dramatist, writer and cartoonist :) was born.
The caption: "The man who invented himself"
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June 20 2017

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i'm afraid.
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I love sitting in a train. Sure, you can listen to music everywhere but in a train … I don’t know. The way the nature passes and the thoughts begin to flow without even knowing it … it’s something really special. And I love the feeling. Sometimes I think there’s nothing better than sitting in a train and doing nothing but listen to some really good music that breaks your heart.

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June 19 2017

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