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June 18 2017

Uczyłem się zacinać ostro zęby, aby serce nie wyskoczyło mi z piersi.
— Joseph Conrad
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June 17 2017

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I Origins (2014), dir. Mike Cahill

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Lasów mi trzeba, samotnych ścieżek, otwartych przestrzeni, zieleni wszechobecnej.
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The Black Sea at night - Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879
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June 16 2017

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Władysław Podkowiński - Marsz żałobny Chopina, 1894

ostatni, niedokończony obraz jego
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your name still echoes in my head

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We need people who don’t ask us to become different for their own acceptance and terms of approval. We need people, and we need to be the people who give others the permission to sit in their own skins and not be afraid. That’s the best gift you are ever going to give someone— the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough.
— Hannah Brencher (via purplebuddhaproject)
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smells mighty mossy under this canopy

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June 15 2017

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Flemish Catwoman by @sachagoldberger.

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